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My mind is overactive with thoughts. These ideas are not always things I can share. 
And pent-up feelings are bad-bad. 
Sharpies are my outlet. Each drop of ink bleeding onto the paper is a thought purged. This is my attempt to turn the incessant ramblings in my head into something (hopefully) beautiful.
To me, doodling is more than just scribbling in the margins of my Chemistry notebook.
It keeps me sane. 


  1. Zehra, I love you. You are utterly amazing!

    ~Your loving and caring friend, JZ . <----- you should know who this is. ;)

  2. I agree, pent up feelings are bad-bad. Your artwork is amazing however! :o)

  3. Zehra!!! I miss you!! And your sharpie artwork is beyond amazing!

  4. heyyyy zehra i checked out ur bolg its amazing hows saudi ???? miss u sooooo much really hope u reply suzy or suzuki what ever 1 doesnt matter :p

  5. Ur amazing in ur creations.. truely..

  6. Artist's are not only the creators of beauty on this planet but also one of the beauties.

    I admire your work and honesty.

  7. Finally i sent u an emial ^_^

  8. i forgot to mention my name lol suzy xp you know me i sent you an email


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