Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Embarrassingly Mediocre Drawings...

Alright FINE.

I have two more doodles.

But they're awful and you will all laugh at me. :(

What brought me to post these terrible, terrible pieces of pen puke?
I was having a hard week.
You guys never fail to brighten my day.
So please, work your magic. Make me smile.

I'll hopefully be back home by Saturday.
Until then, fare thee well. <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Reflection Will Slowly Fade to Another Time

I'm out of doodles for now. Shall be on a Sharpie hiatus until I'm back home.

For now, here's some Sharpie art done by my friend Sherry.
I've recently persuaded her to make a blog, so you should ALL go follow her.
She's having mixed feelings about blogspot.
Go make her smile so she'll stay.

And now for the doodleage. Captions are her words, not mine.  :)

"Attempted Patriotism" - Just a design piece :) I used purple in it though, so it isn't exactly red, white, and blue.
"Cuts Marked In The March of Men" - Design. The lyrics are from a song by Coheed and Cambria. The title is the name of the song XD lol. Good song! You should listen to it :)

"Mannequin" - Well, it's not really sharpie art cause I used pen. It was in my sharpie drawing journal and I really liked it, so I just thought I'd send to ya anyways :D That's my actual drawing mannequin thingie I won at in a drawing and I put all the jewelry I never wear all over it.
"Music Box" - Unfinished :/ But I really like it! Um, there isn't really a whole lot to explain about that one XD
"Red" - I haven't a clue what he is. But he's cute! It's my first mixed sharpie/pen. I thought it turned out well :3
"Sarika" - My OC! (Original Character) That was the first time I drew her~ She is a zombie and her weapon of choice is a chainsaw. I don't remember what his name is, but I wanna say it's Calvin... haha. She has a halo and bat wings, she dresses like a punk teenage girl, and she has a lollipop in her hair :3
"Scared Indian" - He just looks like a scared indian lol. Another mixed sharpie/pen :3
"Spaceman!" - He's a spaceman! :DDD
"Summer 2011" - My newest piece. I dedicate it to you, actually :) I felt bad that I took so long to upload these, I thought the least I could do was draw a new piece just for you :) haha. AND I made it summer inspired to celebrate NO MORE SCHOOL! WOOT!

And my personal favorite....

"Black&White" - Just that, really. Another design. I really like it :3

Isn't she great? :D

I'd like to tickle your minds with one more thing:
If you have any kind of art you've done, you really should send it to me.

Oh, and before I appear outdated, I'll correct myself.
I meant to say you should all join her site.
Blech, that sounds awful...

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