Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Reflection Will Slowly Fade to Another Time

I'm out of doodles for now. Shall be on a Sharpie hiatus until I'm back home.

For now, here's some Sharpie art done by my friend Sherry.
I've recently persuaded her to make a blog, so you should ALL go follow her.
She's having mixed feelings about blogspot.
Go make her smile so she'll stay.

And now for the doodleage. Captions are her words, not mine.  :)

"Attempted Patriotism" - Just a design piece :) I used purple in it though, so it isn't exactly red, white, and blue.
"Cuts Marked In The March of Men" - Design. The lyrics are from a song by Coheed and Cambria. The title is the name of the song XD lol. Good song! You should listen to it :)

"Mannequin" - Well, it's not really sharpie art cause I used pen. It was in my sharpie drawing journal and I really liked it, so I just thought I'd send to ya anyways :D That's my actual drawing mannequin thingie I won at in a drawing and I put all the jewelry I never wear all over it.
"Music Box" - Unfinished :/ But I really like it! Um, there isn't really a whole lot to explain about that one XD
"Red" - I haven't a clue what he is. But he's cute! It's my first mixed sharpie/pen. I thought it turned out well :3
"Sarika" - My OC! (Original Character) That was the first time I drew her~ She is a zombie and her weapon of choice is a chainsaw. I don't remember what his name is, but I wanna say it's Calvin... haha. She has a halo and bat wings, she dresses like a punk teenage girl, and she has a lollipop in her hair :3
"Scared Indian" - He just looks like a scared indian lol. Another mixed sharpie/pen :3
"Spaceman!" - He's a spaceman! :DDD
"Summer 2011" - My newest piece. I dedicate it to you, actually :) I felt bad that I took so long to upload these, I thought the least I could do was draw a new piece just for you :) haha. AND I made it summer inspired to celebrate NO MORE SCHOOL! WOOT!

And my personal favorite....

"Black&White" - Just that, really. Another design. I really like it :3

Isn't she great? :D

I'd like to tickle your minds with one more thing:
If you have any kind of art you've done, you really should send it to me.

Oh, and before I appear outdated, I'll correct myself.
I meant to say you should all join her site.
Blech, that sounds awful...


  1. Thanks, love! I am very pleased with this post :3
    I feel so wonderfully special haha.

  2. Scared Indian and Red are my favourites.

  3. i followed her! didn't realize that was a passe phrase...also, looks like you have some competition in the sharpie drawing department.

  4. Good stuff...I like the mannequin the best.

  5. these are super trippy! i'd totally make something like these in photoshop vectorized

  6. YAY!!!!!! A POST!!!!!!!!

    I loved the art and I'm following the blog. Thanks for posting it.

    I might just contribute to that page of yours. But I'm kind of nervous. Hee hee...

  7. GET BACK SOON! >=[

    But at least there's more pretty art for me to follow :D yay!

  8. I loved all of them but the black and white, which turned out to be your personal favorite too was the BEST.
    WOW. You are wonderfully talented you know.
    I can't even draw a straight line without a scale. Such a (dash) I am =D

  9. nice art and I hope we will hear from you soon more!

  10. Great stuff. That music box is my favorite. Very talented!!!!

  11. This smells like...the beginning of a cult! :D
    You, your sister, your friend, the alluring smell of sharpies...
    Just spare your blog followers when the apocalypse happens, ok?

  12. I absolutely love 'Red.' The quirkiness is awesome. Such talent -- I want more!

  13. Sarika is far and away my favorite!

    I would like to see more.

  14. these are fantastic!! As always. :)

    I've started doodling as well, but mine are nowhere as amazing as yours.

  15. I like Red. It reminds me of a Rorschach drawing. But why does she have mixed feelings about Blogspot?

  16. Looks like some pretty good work, I'll check out that other blog.

  17. These are beautiful! I really liked the juke box :)

  18. Thanks everyone :) Your compliments make me feel super awesome! <3

  19. Nice drawings! Hit me back,

  20. I'll check out your friend's blog. these look good!


    You must be brilliant with mendhi/henna, eh? :D


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