A Tribute to Doodlers

This page is intended for anyone who wants to see their art on this blog.
If you want me to publish something, shoot it to thestairwaytojannah@gmail.com along with your name. :)

Wishing you eternal peace,

Sinister. :O
Doodled by Christopher

I LOVE the shading in this one.
And the eye is intense.
Doodled by Christopher

So little can say so much.
Doodled by Christopher

They end up looking like a deformed sandwich.
Nice work!
Doodled by Christopher

"Scared Indian"
This is priceless.
And is startlingly similar to my face when I see a spider...
Doodled by Sherry

Holy. Hell!
Jess once told me that her drawing abilities were limited to coloring inside the lines.
All I can say is that now I really want to see her coloring books.
Mindblown by Jessica

A drawing I can hear. This is a new kind of trippy!
Doodled by Sherry

...that I could draw that well.
Doodled by Jessica

D'aww! He's precious!
Doodled by Sherry

Aren't we all?
Doodled by Jessica

This drawing makes my eyes do a happy dance.
Doodled by Sherry

So adorable!
Doodled by Sherry

You may sayyyy I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only...Oop. Sorry. 
*serious face*
Black and white Sharpie art is amazing.
Especially when it's  Doodled by Bisky

Aww, so adorable! Poor puppypuppy... :(
Doodled by Alyssa
(I'd like to add that this doodler traded Jolly Ranchers for Sharpies.

INTENSE! I can't even do this on paper!
Doodled by Epicality

Lovely pencil sketch!
Doodled by Maura


The Cyg-nificance of a Swan
Pure and Discerning in all we do
Reflection of light in the murky waters ~Bharat

I absolutely love this. Swans are gorgeous!
(Unless you're attacked by one. I refuse to say more about that incident.)

Classic. Sharpies are love.
Doodled by Dalia

The colors are so vibrant, it almost looks painted! Adorable!
Doodled by Zainab.


Three Sharpies+ pure talent. This is absolutely mesmerising. :)
Doodled by Areesha.


  1. hey :) ill send some in soon , i just gotta get some more sharpies lol!

  2. They don't need to be Sharpie, love. :)

  3. Hi and thanks for the comment on my blog. You picked a bad post to read for the first time. Mine are usually upbeat and funny. So I hope you give me a second shot! Love your doodles. Some remind me of Peter Max from the 70's. Yes I'm old!! haha. Hope to hear back from you. Working on a fun post now.

  4. does areesha's really count as a doodle? that's a composed piece.

  5. hey zehra its suzy i hope this sends this time how r u love ur blog i actually drew a picture but i dont really know how to post it hope to see u soon and hope u get the message and reply :D

  6. Hey Suzy! You can email me your awesomeness at thestairwaytojannah@gmail.com and I'll post it as soon as possible. :D


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