Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hellobonjour! :D

I'm still here. Just haven't had much Sharpie time.
So I thought I'd start sharing my AP Art work with you. :)

Also, in my blog hiatus, I notice I somehow passed 300 followers!
I'm literally at a loss for words. I never imagined I'd hit that mark.
Thank you ALL for everything.
You don't realize this, but you've all helped me through a really difficult time.
So when I thank you, what I'm really saying is, thank you...for keeping me going.

Lastly, in case you were wondering...my birthday is in 11 days! :D

Lots of love,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deja vu...

It's a repost. And reposts ooze of laziness and bad blogging.

In a bulleted list.
  • I'm scannerless again. :(
  • They don't sell Sharpies here and I'm always scared I'm actually going to run out of ink
  • My teachers are all "ZOMG MAKE ME A POSTER!" and I can't say no to teachers because they control my grades.
  • AP Studio Art is eating my soul.
So that's why I haven't been around. And why I'm merely giving you a repost. 
But it's from when I had like...5 followers. So it should be newish. :D

Hope you're all doing amazing!
Love you with a passion! :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Eye For an Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind

Hi, everyone!
I know, it's been a while.
Sorry. :(

Life has gotten really busy.
For those who didn't read the label in my last post, I have moved...across the world.
I could describe in detail the ups and downs of this new place, but I won't keep you long. (UPDATE: my bad.)

And....here is my latest Sharpie creation.
Not my best; I realized the eye's shape was off after I hit it with the black Sharpie.

But if I only posted the best of what I did, that wouldn't be honest of me. :)

Lastly, a weekish ago, D4 gave me an award.
Once again, D4, thank you so much. 
Honestly, I'd give this back to you. The variety in your music taste definitely deserves another award. Especially because I don't see how you can do it. Man, I really respect you. :)
I'll follow through with the rules on this one:
Favourite Colour
Favourite Animal
Favourite Number
Favourite Drink
Facebook or Twitter
Your passion
Giving or getting presents
Favourite pattern
Favourite day
Favourite flowers

Color: Colors are most beautiful when they're in harmony with other colors. Picking just one would ruin that harmony.

Animal: Dogs, cats...anything fluffy and pettable. :)

Number: 25. Because I get more excited when there's a 25 pack of Sharpies rather than the normal 24. :D

Drink: Pakola. Oh, god it's so delicious.

Facebook or Twitter: Honestly, I hate both.

Your passion: I could say Sharpie art...but what I really want to do is make a difference. To, for once, do something positive for someone else.

Giving or getting presents: How about I tell a story to answer this. In this country, after coming out of a restaurant, you sometimes encounter a homeless family. Whenever we walk by these people, my dad turns to me and says "Give them the takeout. They need it more than we do." When I'm told to do this, I immediately start thinking about how delicious the food was, and my bloated stomach suddenly feels empty again. We give them the food and get into the car, and the greed inside me keeps imagining the steak I barely touched. But as I think about it, it dawns on me that this family is human too. The fact that I was lucky to be born into a family where we never have to worry about where the next meal will come from does not make me a better person. They are just as deserving as we are, and if I let greed and a bratty "I want more" attitude dictate my decisions, then I honestly don't deserve anything at all. That being said, giving presents is much more gratifying than getting. :)

Favorite pattern: Psychedelic art always amazes me.

Favorite day: Friday. It's actually a weekend in this country!

Favorite flowers: Lily of the valley. Gorgeous, gorgeous scent.

And now to pass this on. Really, I hate picking just 10 because I truly do love all of you. I apologize in advance for not linking. For some reason, my hyperlink button is being wonky. :(
1. Zepdragon- I don't know where you've been for the past few months, but seriously, I miss you and your wonderful wallpapers. You've been gone so long, my Sharpies are crying...
2. Pthalo- Yet another MIA blogger. Awesome art and music. Come back now.
3. Bouncin' Barb- You have the sweetest posts. On a bad day, I would definitely turn to you for a hug.
4. Hamza-  So entertaining. :)
5. Nas- When you read Wordsworth's poems, you think "Oh my god, he's such a beautiful person." That's the same feeling I get when I read your blog, Nas. :)
6. That Blond Guy- I swear, he's the next Jon Stewart...
7. Sketches And Other Stuff- Everything. Is. So. Adorable!
8. Rorschach Redemption-  Inkblot interpretations. What's not to love?
9. Epicality- Cute blog. Amazing friend. :)
10. Riot Kitty- Lolcats + rants. I rest my case.

Geez, this is the longest post in the history of this blog. So sorry about that. :/
And I'm also sincerely sorry about not keeping up with all of you.
I really can't tell you how much each and every one of you has meant to me. All your comments, honestly, saved my life.
But for now, this post has gotten long enough. I'll save the sappiness for another time.

*shower of love*

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Embarrassingly Mediocre Drawings...

Alright FINE.

I have two more doodles.

But they're awful and you will all laugh at me. :(

What brought me to post these terrible, terrible pieces of pen puke?
I was having a hard week.
You guys never fail to brighten my day.
So please, work your magic. Make me smile.

I'll hopefully be back home by Saturday.
Until then, fare thee well. <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Reflection Will Slowly Fade to Another Time

I'm out of doodles for now. Shall be on a Sharpie hiatus until I'm back home.

For now, here's some Sharpie art done by my friend Sherry.
I've recently persuaded her to make a blog, so you should ALL go follow her.
She's having mixed feelings about blogspot.
Go make her smile so she'll stay.

And now for the doodleage. Captions are her words, not mine.  :)

"Attempted Patriotism" - Just a design piece :) I used purple in it though, so it isn't exactly red, white, and blue.
"Cuts Marked In The March of Men" - Design. The lyrics are from a song by Coheed and Cambria. The title is the name of the song XD lol. Good song! You should listen to it :)

"Mannequin" - Well, it's not really sharpie art cause I used pen. It was in my sharpie drawing journal and I really liked it, so I just thought I'd send to ya anyways :D That's my actual drawing mannequin thingie I won at in a drawing and I put all the jewelry I never wear all over it.
"Music Box" - Unfinished :/ But I really like it! Um, there isn't really a whole lot to explain about that one XD
"Red" - I haven't a clue what he is. But he's cute! It's my first mixed sharpie/pen. I thought it turned out well :3
"Sarika" - My OC! (Original Character) That was the first time I drew her~ She is a zombie and her weapon of choice is a chainsaw. I don't remember what his name is, but I wanna say it's Calvin... haha. She has a halo and bat wings, she dresses like a punk teenage girl, and she has a lollipop in her hair :3
"Scared Indian" - He just looks like a scared indian lol. Another mixed sharpie/pen :3
"Spaceman!" - He's a spaceman! :DDD
"Summer 2011" - My newest piece. I dedicate it to you, actually :) I felt bad that I took so long to upload these, I thought the least I could do was draw a new piece just for you :) haha. AND I made it summer inspired to celebrate NO MORE SCHOOL! WOOT!

And my personal favorite....

"Black&White" - Just that, really. Another design. I really like it :3

Isn't she great? :D

I'd like to tickle your minds with one more thing:
If you have any kind of art you've done, you really should send it to me.

Oh, and before I appear outdated, I'll correct myself.
I meant to say you should all join her site.
Blech, that sounds awful...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trippy Feet! :D


Sorry for the iffy quality.
I had a camera phone and 10 minutes...

Drink up!

I even persuaded my cousin to make a pair.
I never share my Sharpies. Ever.
However, I made an exception in this case.
This is solely because she has the most talent I've seen laced into a 13 year old.
And I had to see what she would make...

As for selling...it's not possible right now.
I have a lot going on.
And these shoes were time vacuums.

She refused to let me crop her pajama bottoms out...

Plus, I have a feeling if I made Sharpie-ing a business, it'd take all the fun out of it.
So you're going to have to wait for me to become lame and boring before I start selling...

Thanks for all the support, everyone. :)
Fare thee well...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking A Bit

Here's the dealio: I won't have a scanner for a month.
Consequently, my posts will become a bit more sporadic.

For now, I'd like to thank D4 for this beauty:


Thanks D4! :D

I'd pass it on to other people but I have a better awards post planned for the future.
Just gotta wait till I get reunited with my beloved scanner...

Also a few people have been asking for wallpapers. 
(Why? Haven't you seen this amazing blog?)
Anyhoo, here are a few to tease your eyes' tastebuds:

If you covet the wallpaperedness of a certain doodle, leave a comment on it.

Also, if you haven't already done so, please boop your lovely opinion into the poll o'er yonder. 
UPDATE: People are telling me they can't see the question in the poll...
Anyhoo, le poll question is:

If I started selling stuffs, what would you buy?
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Custom-made Shoes
  • The Originals
  • I'm sorry. I don't spend money on pen vomit

Until next time (which may be a while)...*shower of love and peace*

Friday, May 20, 2011

100 Followers of Peace!

I honestly never imagined that I'd hit 100.
These past few months have seen a lot of tears. Thank you all for brightening my days.
I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate all of you. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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