Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Feeling This

I wasn't going to post these.
Cause there's a crappy story behind them.
But I was looking at them today...and thought...they're too good for me to just hide them from the interwebs and forget I ever made them.

So here you go.
Pop-punk Converse.
Which deserve better feet.

I hope to God he trips when he wears them.


  1. They look good. I prefer the second pair, but I also like Blink 182.

  2. These are incredible man, I would have no problem buying these, the one with the smilie face on it in particular is my favourite I think.

  3. Those are so sick! Too bad you gave 'em away to someone who really doesn't deserve 'em. ):

  4. They look really good!

    I'm with Mark on this. The Blink 182 ones look realllllly good!

    I want I want.

  5. These are awesome. Not my preferred bands but their namelogo things are great on there. And I think with the comments above I'd maybe open up a Painted-Converse Etsy or something.

  6. PLAS, you quondam blogger you, you're alive!

  7. hello there, the sharpie from my nightmare

  8. I can't say I care for converse shoes to begin with.

    Then again, all I wear are hiking boots so what do I know about shoes.

  9. These are very cool. Granted, if I wore something like those, I'd look like a huge douche, but I'm sure they look good on the right person.

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