Saturday, March 26, 2011

If We Could Just Join Hands


  1. Zeebee,

    you are an amazing artist, I love your drawings, and you never fail to make me amazed by the way you blend colors and patterns together with black and white.

    Just wanted you to know that. (:

  2. You've DRAWN THIS? This is spectacular and I am wowed. Good Lord. And to think of the pictures I draw... :\

    Very lovely though. :D Great job. *Follows this blog*

  3. Love this and Peace, Love and Sharpies is a great title! How did you get the facebook, etc icons on your posts?


  4. this is sooo good, i love it :)

  5. I discovered this lovely drawing some time ago and I have been loving it since. Could I borrow it to use it on a presentation that I'm doing for my company around inclusion and diversity? Do you sell your great work?


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